Unique Things You Can Do With Concrete

There are so many creative ways to use concrete from decorative letters to magnets and even a bedside lamp. Concrete is not just for sidewalks and patios. Can you create your DIY concrete countertops? How about a gorgeous concrete cake stand? You can build amazing things from stools and planters to clicks and even jewelry by using concrete. Most people like to use concrete for home and garden décor. Next time before throwing out leftover concrete in your garage recall these unique ways to use it.

Concrete Stool

A concrete stool can get made for your workshop by just spending $5. Pour the concrete into a five-gallon bucket and add legs that you can cut from a single dowel. Pull out your new stool when the concrete has dried. 

DIY Concrete Bedside Lamp

The concrete lamp is so adorable, unique, easy to make, and will certainly add charm to your room. Build a small wooden box – whatever size you want for your lamp and then use that box to mold your concrete. Once the concrete has set, remove the template, and then add the electrical pieces that you can easily get from an old lamp.

Elegant Concrete Cake Stand

Make your cake stand from concrete that you are going to throw out. You can also mold concrete from items in your kitchen. Use a cake pan itself as the top and then disposable plastic glasses to create the stem. To display your cake, you can have a lovely and durable cake stand from concrete.

DIY Concrete Bowl

One can easily make several lovely concrete bowls from one bag of concrete. You can mold the bowl at the bottom of a flexible rubber bucket – which you can purchase at around $5. You can create taller or smaller bowls as you desire.

DIY Concrete Picture Frame

To have an adorable picture frame; create the mold from an empty cereal box – or any box of the same size which you want for your picture frame. After the mold is created, pour concrete and wait for it to dry. Glue a picture hanging hook on the back or add ribbon to hang.

Easy DIY Crayon Organizer

Concrete crayon organizer is great, versatile can be used as a pencil holder or utensil holder in the kitchen. It can be used even as a planter if you don’t need something for crayons. Kids love to help in such projects and it is a creative activity for them as well. Once it’s dried, you can paint it however you want.

DIY Concrete Box Clock

You can have a perfect clock for your bedroom or den by using concrete. But it demands time from your busy hours rather than money. You can build the mold from a wooden box, whatever shape or size you want. Then pour your concrete and when it dries, place your clock kit. It is a great way to reuse a broken clock if the clock mechanism is still working.

Industrial Style Desk with Concrete Desktop

An industrial style desk with a concrete top and wooden legs seems intricate at first sight. But it is very easy to make by spending a few hours. First, you have to create a mold for the desktop so measuring is essential. To hold top you have to build a complete desk with legs. This is perfect to place in your home office.