Month: August 2020

Concrete Finishing and Sealing

After your concrete construction has cured adequately, the next step is to finish the concrete and then seal it. These two processes go a long way in determining the appeal of the final construction, and its durability. That is why we look at the finishing and sealing process for concrete and how they are done.

Concrete Finishing

There are several ways in which concrete can be finished in different ways beyond the natural dull grey that we find in abundance everywhere. There are two ways concrete can be cured; it can be done during the curing process when the concrete is still wet or after the concrete has cured and has already dried. The finishes can be in the form of colors, stains, patterns, textures, etc. 

Color Finishes: color can be added to the concrete at the mixing stage or as a finish after the curing. When it is added as a finish, it can be in the form of stains or paints. When Stains are applied to cured concrete, the concrete still retains some of its dull look on the background, and the stains are just superimposed on it. But for paints, the dull concrete color is covered. Although any paint can be applied to concrete, there is special abrasion-free paint that is designed for concrete.

Clear Finishes: you can also go with clear transparent finishes that will not change the color of the concrete, although they might change its texture, shade, etc. Clear polyurethane spray is an example of finish that is commonly used for the finish in concrete construction. It gives the concrete a wet, slightly shiny look. Mineral oil is also used as a finish in some cases, and it gives the concrete a darker shade that can be exceptionally beautiful.

Why you should finish your concrete

  • It makes the concrete more even and smoother.
  • Finished concrete is easier to maintain and less vulnerable to damages.
  • It prevents dust from entering into the pores.
  • Concrete finishes are used to beautify concrete.
  • Finished concrete is more durable.

Concrete Sealing

A more important type of clear finish material for concrete is a sealer. The essence of sealing concrete is to give concrete a wet look and is prevent staining and abrasion. This is because the concrete is porous and will absorb contaminants and stains and then release dust into the atmosphere. Two types of sealers are commonly used – topical and penetrating sealers.

Topical sealers usually improve the appearance of the concrete and also protect it. They are applied on the clean, dry surface of the concrete and often need reapplication after about five years. On the other hand, Penetrating Sealers are applied on both wet and dry surfaces and chemically bond with the concrete. They do not modify the concrete appearance.

Why Concrete Sealing is Essential

  • Sealing protects concrete from stains such as food stains, oil, grease, urine, tire tracks, etc.
  • Sealing guards your concrete against the effects of weather and reduce exposure to UV rays.
  • Concrete sealing makes it more durable and increases its lifespan.
  • Using sealers can enhance the concrete appearance and help maintain its color.
  • Sealing makes your concrete resistant to mildew and mold.

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Best Way to Remodel Your Bathroom

The bathroom is usually the smallest room in the house. Despite this, it is arguably the most important. Renovating this essential space is always a headache for homeowners. It requires money, efforts, and a great deal of foresight to remodel a bathroom successfully. That’s why we have written this article, highlighting the things you should do to ensure you achieve the best results for your remodeling project.

Plan Your Project and Work with Professionals

Few people own a “perfect bathroom”, so, identify what is wrong with yours. Discuss with those using it if it’s a family bathroom and get their ideas. Determine the layout of the bathroom, what it is that can be improved, and the extent of your remodeling. You can hire an interior designer to help you with this. Find the right people to execute your plan, whether you’re going with a contractor or individual tradespeople, prioritize quality. A sizable portion of the remodeling cost goes into labor, so be sure to get your value out of it.

Furnish with Luxury Items (Strategically)

Giving your bathroom that chic and luxury look is cheaper than you thought. Since it is a small space and you don’t have to fill it up with high-end items to make it look cool. All you need is one or two items placed in strategic places, and your bathroom won’t appear much different from that of a five-star hotel. We recommend you go with a high-end vanity and countertop as this is usually the focal point of any bathroom.


Painting is one cheap way of transforming your bathroom. Always go for bright colors such as white, cream, etc. They give the room a more spacious appearance and compliment other items in the room. When picking paints, choose high-quality waterproof paints with a satin finish. Whatever color you choose, always paint the ceilings in white. For this type of job, the best advice would be to hire interior painters.

Create storage

Maximize your bathroom space and avoid clutter. Storage does not have to take up space in the bathroom. High and open shelves, wall racks, and hooks are simple ways to create extra storage space with stylish improvements to your bathroom. 

Upgrade Instead

Why not update some of the fixtures of your bathroom instead of removing it. Get a new cover and seat for your toilet instead of replacing the entire bowl. Upgrade cabinet pulls, knobs, faucets, showerheads, racks, etc. When you do this repaint alongside, you cut costs and achieve the results you desire.


Don’t forget to lighten up your bathroom. Get pendant lights affixed to the ceilings for general illumination and scones to illuminate specific areas. Lighting adds to the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom. 

Have a Ventilation System

A bathroom is usually a damp place. All the moisture will not leave naturally and might cause odor or even damage some items made of wood. That’s why need a ventilation fan in your bathroom. If there is one already, the remodeling is a good time to upgrade it. And if there is none, there is no better time to install one than when remodeling.

Unique Things You Can Do With Concrete

There are so many creative ways to use concrete from decorative letters to magnets and even a bedside lamp. Concrete is not just for sidewalks and patios. Can you create your DIY concrete countertops? How about a gorgeous concrete cake stand? You can build amazing things from stools and planters to clicks and even jewelry by using concrete. Most people like to use concrete for home and garden décor. Next time before throwing out leftover concrete in your garage recall these unique ways to use it.

Concrete Stool

A concrete stool can get made for your workshop by just spending $5. Pour the concrete into a five-gallon bucket and add legs that you can cut from a single dowel. Pull out your new stool when the concrete has dried. 

DIY Concrete Bedside Lamp

The concrete lamp is so adorable, unique, easy to make, and will certainly add charm to your room. Build a small wooden box – whatever size you want for your lamp and then use that box to mold your concrete. Once the concrete has set, remove the template, and then add the electrical pieces that you can easily get from an old lamp.

Elegant Concrete Cake Stand

Make your cake stand from concrete that you are going to throw out. You can also mold concrete from items in your kitchen. Use a cake pan itself as the top and then disposable plastic glasses to create the stem. To display your cake, you can have a lovely and durable cake stand from concrete.

DIY Concrete Bowl

One can easily make several lovely concrete bowls from one bag of concrete. You can mold the bowl at the bottom of a flexible rubber bucket – which you can purchase at around $5. You can create taller or smaller bowls as you desire.

DIY Concrete Picture Frame

To have an adorable picture frame; create the mold from an empty cereal box – or any box of the same size which you want for your picture frame. After the mold is created, pour concrete and wait for it to dry. Glue a picture hanging hook on the back or add ribbon to hang.

Easy DIY Crayon Organizer

Concrete crayon organizer is great, versatile can be used as a pencil holder or utensil holder in the kitchen. It can be used even as a planter if you don’t need something for crayons. Kids love to help in such projects and it is a creative activity for them as well. Once it’s dried, you can paint it however you want.

DIY Concrete Box Clock

You can have a perfect clock for your bedroom or den by using concrete. But it demands time from your busy hours rather than money. You can build the mold from a wooden box, whatever shape or size you want. Then pour your concrete and when it dries, place your clock kit. It is a great way to reuse a broken clock if the clock mechanism is still working.

Industrial Style Desk with Concrete Desktop

An industrial style desk with a concrete top and wooden legs seems intricate at first sight. But it is very easy to make by spending a few hours. First, you have to create a mold for the desktop so measuring is essential. To hold top you have to build a complete desk with legs. This is perfect to place in your home office.